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With years of experience, you can count on our EnergyGeeks AD experts to help you to reduce your home energy usage. We also offer healthy home air solutions.

Request a Home Energy AUDIT

Having problems with your heating or cooling bills? Call us 24/7 at (615) 360-7000. We have the solutions to reduce your KwH usage with our free, extensive home energy audit.

Stop WASTING money on Utilities

We have the solutions to help you lower your KwH usage!


Paint PlusPlus= Painting+Energy Benefits

Summer is here, and that means higher energy bills just to stay cool. We are the SOLE company that offers a unique, patented paint that reduces your home's electric/utility bill by up to 30%

What are you going to do with the extra $$ in your pocket every month?


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Your home energy experts

Quality Home Energy Usage Savings

We provide customers with an industry leading home energy saving solutions. We have a variety of patented solutions to help you reduce your KwH usage for your home. STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON YOUR UTILITIES!

We believe everyone should not only be saving money on their utilities, but deserves to have healthy home air.

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EnergyGeeks AD

Reefer Truck Cost Savings!

Whether you own just one reefer trailer truck, or a fleet of 100 or even 1,000, you know that the major cost in operating your reefer trailer is your diesel cost. In today's economy, the soaring cost of diesel can take a chunk out of your bottom line. Now there is a way to increase your profits by decreasing your diesel usage!

Save thousands in fuel costs as well as shorten cool-down times and lower maintenance costs.

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Get Year-Round Energy Savings!

How Can We Help You?


Healthy Home Air

Clean Home Air

You and your family spend a lot of time indoors. You deserve to be breathing healthy home air. Indoor pollutants can come from a variety of places in your home, from your air ducts system to pet dander.

Air Conditions

Air Conditioner Repair

Having a problem with your a/c? EnergyGeeks AD has the experience you need to ensure a professional repair job every time.

Duct Services

Duct Services

There are many components to an efficient HVAC unit; one of the most vital pieces is the ductwork. Let us inspect your ductworks for leaks or holes so your system is optimal and not wasting money.

Thermostat Installation

Thermostat Installation

Is your thermostat not working properly? Are you interested in a modern, wireless thermostat? Give us a call today to discuss your thermostat needs.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

To ensure the maximum life of your valuable HVAC unit, we offer different maintenance plans to fit all budgets. Save money and extend the life of your unit. Call us today to discuss at (615) 360-7000.


Energy Loss through Attics

Energy can be lost many ways. Attics are notorious for being mass losers of energy. We can make your attic stop wasting the energy it is now.

Walls and Ceilings

Walls and Ceilings

Your heat or cooling can escape through your walls and ceiling. This can be from holes, cracks, insulation problems and more.



Your HVAC unit must be maintained properly. A poorly functioning HVAC/Furnace is just wasting your money!

Air Ducts

Heat Pumps

Air conditioning is a fairly simple matter. An outside air conditioning unit, working in conjunction with the home’s furnace and air ducts, provides cool air to every room.

Ductwork Installation

Ductwork Installation

Stop wasting your money through poor ductwork! Ductwork is a key component to your air system. Holes, cracks, dirt and more can cause it to not function properly.

We are the best in our specialty

Why Choose Us

  • We Believe in Maintaining Solid Core Values

    We base our business on honesty, integrity, teamwork, and accountability, and that’s what our customers expect from us.

  • We Treat Every Customer Like Family

    You can depend on us to never over-sell you on something you do not need!

  • We Believe in Setting the Standard Higher

    Being the local leader in our industry is paramount to us, that's why we go over and above with all work that we do for you.

EnergyGeeks AD FAQ

What is the expected savings in KwH?

With the proper updates to your home, you can expect a savings of over 25%

Do you offer free home energy audits?

Just call us at (615) 360-7000 to schedule your free home energy audit.

I have pets. Can you help clean the air?

Our probiotics system is ideal for helping to minimize pet dandruff in your home. This can help minimize allergies and healthier air for you.

Do I need HVAC maintenance?

All homeowners should setup HVAC maintenance. That is the only way to help ensure that your unit will live to its fullest potential. Costly repairs, or even a full system replacement, can both be costly. Help eliminate those costly repairs with a regular maintenance plan.

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